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Services and Rates

As everyone is doing their best to accommodate the difficulties that these current times have brought on to the industry, We have reluctantly decided to increase our rates to better fit the rest of the regional pricing structure. These changes will go into effect July 1st, 2022 and remain until further evaluation of the market. We regret any inconvenience, but after careful consideration, these new rates reflect equality amongst other dealers of similar tier performance and quality.

Thank you in advance for your understanding while we strive and continue to deliver the ultimate in the industry's installation and service quality, along with some of the best in Audio/Video electronic brands.

The Pricing are as follows:

Standard Installation: $175  per man, per hour

Programming (Automation, Network and Control): $200 per hour

On-site/Remote Service: $175 per hour

After-hours (Outside of 8am - 5pm) On-site/Remote Service: $215 per hour

24/7 Alarm monitoring w/ cellular backup: Starting at $35 per month, $45 per month for HOA's and Certificates

OVRC monitoring w/ advanced updating: $15 per month (unlimited devices per single location)

Seasonal Checkup: $350 - $1000 (3-8 hours)

Wholesale Prewiring: (call for pricing)

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