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Audio/Video Entertainment, Lighting and Automation at your fingertips

Security Services

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Interactive Services and Cellular Communication

The days of needing a phone line are over. Today, we use 4G LTE cellular to reach our tablets and phones from outside of the home. This also allows us to connect to our automation systems for a complete and robust design for security. A certificate is provided for further insurance discounts or requirements.

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24 Hour Central Station

We use a Nationally recognized Central Station to process our alarm signals. The Central Station is real-people handling real-time emergency dispatch receiving over a Billion signals each year. With world-class facilities in New Jersey and Texas, our UL Listed partner, a TMA Five Diamond monitoring services company that has been a leader for over 40 years.


The prices are on our Rates page and are of the lowest in the region.

7" Wall-mounted Touchscreen 

This is what we consider a standard keypad and it allows for a more intuitive interface to your alarm center, as well as, a graphical display of zones at a finger touch. The display can time out and go dark in bedrooms or remain lit for ease of location. A graphical version of our logo and contact info will always be available so you, your visitors or authorities can contact us if there is a need. The display offers a much easier to read choice rather than the older "push-button" styles. Our mindset is to focus on decor-pleasing products that are both attractive and robust. We'd love to discuss more about security your home.

  • We  provide a Yard Sign and window decals for indicating that the home is protected in order to aid authorities in case of an issue and to ward off would-be intruders.

  • We also upgrade the battery to one that is twice the size of other systems.

  • A larger, attractive wall transformer to handle the power of the system is included.

  • A lockable cabinet door finishes the system for protection.

  • We top this off with an external antenna for an even better signal for reporting alarm signals with a central station.


Room Equalization and Acoustic Design

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We are excited to be the FIRST and ONLY factory authorized company for the Acurus Aspeqt Calibration System and were their official Beta testers.

Aspeqt is Acurus's calibration hardware and software that is proprietary to their Muse and Act4 processors and we are now officially able to calibrate them. A true game changer. 

Contact us if you need Your system calibrated by our professionals.

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